We Are Providence.

Concept Art - Creature Design - Digital Matte Painting - Environments

We are a team of passionate artists working since 8 + years in the VFX industry.

We worked in a dozen of Visual Effects Companies in Europe, India and Canada.

Providence VFX has been created in January 2020 and is already working on a couple of amazing projects !






Creatures and Madness



Generalist Souls



We have a Hulk Houdini Master


Due to strong Non-Disclosure Agreements, most of our projects are currently hidden in our lighthouse.

Creature Design, Environment Work, we'll hopefully share amazing images next year ! 

Henri PFR
 Bruises (Feat. LONO)

Henri PFR and his team trusted us to design the sci-fi city of the official Bruises video ! It was a beautiful encounter !

We were on set to do supervision, and we took care of all the visual effects.

The Shadow over Innsmouth

The Shadow over Innsmouth is our first internal studio project done during the first pandemic lockdown.

Our next Lovecraft adaptation is already in progress ! Be ready to discover our Mountains of Madness in 2022.



Work done for Mathematic

We took care of the supersonic race environment visible in Higher Power official video ! It was an amazing challenge done for Mathematic.

We build several square kilometers of sci-fi buildings and suburbs in Clarisse.


Phone : +33 618 344 926

Email : davidrtk.pro@gmail.com



Please feel free to read the articles talking about our studio ! We are super proud to be supported by Speedtree and Isotropix !

We also have a super cool interview on 3DVF (in french) talking about our first studio project called The Shadow over Innsmouth.

IDV, Inc is the first company who trusted Providence VFX ! They helped us to integrate Speedtree into our Pipeline.

We have chosen Clarisse as our main software ! Thanks Isotropix for their support since our first year of operation

A complete interview on the main 3D website in France ! Thank you so much for this amazing article ! 

Our Art Director Filmography As a studio, we are now focus on Concept Art, DMP, and Environments !


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